The Benefits of a Floating Pond Fountain

A pond can be a lovely part of a property’s landscape. Yet sometimes homeowners or business owners may want to add even more beauty and elegance to a pond. The easiest way to do this is to put in a floating pond fountain, because the visual appeal and other features of a fountain will enhance any pond. Here are the top benefits of floating pond fountains.

Daytime Beauty

During daylight hours, the sparking spray of a floating pond fountain will be impossible to miss. It will stand out against the landscape, constantly shifting and catching the light. On sunny days, the sun will be reflected in the fountain, creating a bright sparkling effect. Homeowners will love the dramatic flair it adds to their yard, while business owners are likely to find that their customers enjoy seeing it. Everyone appreciates the loveliness of a fountain.

Light in the Night

It is even possible to make a floating pond fountain visible at night by putting in special lights to illuminate it. The light will make the fountain glow, so that it will stand out brilliantly in the dark. With a lighted floating pond fountain, homeowners and business owners can take advantage of a fountain’s beauty at night as well as in the day.


If a pond does not have enough aeration, algae and weeds may begin to grow. A floating pond fountain provides aeration by splashing the water around, which means it offers practical benefits in addition to making a pond more lovely. The water will stay cleaner, so that the pond will be lower maintenance.

Many Options

There are many options to choose from when picking a floating pond fountain. The fountain can be lighted or have no lights, it can spray water in different ways, and it can have a variety of unique looks. Anyone who wants to add a fountain to their pond will be able to find one that fits their needs, including fountains that fit a specific budget.

Due to all of its benefits, a floating pond fountain may be exactly what a pond needs to help it add even more beauty to the landscape. Homeowners and business owners should not overlook a fountain as a great way to enhance any pond.

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